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    The American Furniture- Store Policies 


    Our Store Policies
    Merchandise Pick-Up
    The American Furniture Distribution Center is located at 3735 A Amber ST NE Salem, OR 97301.
    For the greatest level of service, please call in advance with 24 hours notice when possible –
    503-385-8079. Our Pickup hours are between 5 pm to 8 pm everyday. Please call us at least an
    hour ahead before picking up.
    Please bring adequate tie-downs, padding, and protective covering during inclement weather.
    The American Furniture personnel can assist with loading but customers are responsible for
    securing and protecting their own load.
    The American Furniture cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred to merchandise
    once it has left our premises
    Special Orders
    Balances shall be paid in full within 14 days from the time your complete order is received at our
    distribution center. Failure to pay-off within 14 days may result in forfeiture of deposit and
    relinquishment of product. Order must be paid in full prior to time of delivery. We do not accept
    COD payments.
    Estimated arrival dates of special orders are approximate. We cannot guarantee the specific
    arrival date of your order.
    No Refund Policy
    The American Furniture hopes that you are satisfied with your purchase. However, to ensure
    that The American Furniture continues to sell the highest quality merchandise at competitive
    prices please note:

     All sales are final. Once you have purchased your item(s), there will be no returns or
    refunds. This policy is authorized under Oregon state law. ORS § 646.607.
     Any exceptions to this policy will be solely at the discretion of The American Furniture and
    all returns accepted under such an exception will be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

    Limitation on Consequential Damages
    Except in the case of fraud, neither party shall be liable to the other for indirect or special, consequential,
    punitive or incidental damages, however caused and not relating to bodily injury. The parties acknowledge
    that these limitations on potential liabilities were an essential element in setting consideration under this
    In all cases, the manufacturers written warranty and statement of The
    American Furniture store policy supersede any verbal representation made
    by any person on behalf of this company.